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Monday, June 30, 2008

Parque Lector, jumpers and plenty of egging in Perú

This week saw both Maldonado & Triunfo attend the 2nd Parque Lector in Sachaca, which is attended by all the schools in the district. It’s a chance for the children & teachers to display their work in Communication e.g. stories, poems etc, and get ideas from other schools.

Both schools set up stalls manned by the children, and the Director of the Ministry of Education & the Mayor of Sachaca viewed the work. Maldonado was asked to present some of the work of the children (Pablo, Ruth, Julio, Jose, Ivan) directly at the Ministry as they were so impressed!

Nancy from Maldonado had the guts to get up on stage (in Sachaca Plaza) and sing a traditional folklore song, we were so proud!!!

Whilst we were at the Parque Lector, the volunteers ensured that both schools continued for the children that didn’t come to the Parque; they did a great job of running the schools all day, and ensuring that the children received consistent lessons.

As of this week the volunteers will also hold a weekly meeting with the local teachers, to discuss the following weeks themes/subjects. Allowing the volunteers to plan lessons/work & prepare their Spanish much better.

Unfortunately there was a “little” bit of egging going on at Maldonado this week, the victims were GVI birthday girls Jenna & Carla! The kids seemed to enjoy it and Ruth a little too much!!

Volunteers Georgina, Nadja & Andi have all raised & donated money (thank you to all who gave), and chose to buy a warm jumper for all the children at both schools, as it is very cold here at night at present and where our children live they certainly have no insulation in their homes let alone warm clothes to wear.

So Saturday saw GVI hit the market buying in bulk warm (and fashionable!) jumpers for all the children, Sunday was wrapping them all!! We can’t wait to give them to the children and see their faces!!


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects