CONGRATULATIONS to all the Challengers on our first six Charity Challenges of 2011, biking from Guatemala to Honduras, the inaugural Nicaragua Volcano Challenge, Brazil's Chapada Diamantina Challenge , Guatemala's first Caribbean Kayak Challenge, Perú´s Cerani Pass and Ecuador's Volcano Challenge. Nicaragua's second volcano Challenge is set for 3rd-6th November and the third Guatemala Volcano Challenge dates are set for 27th November -2nd December.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carla returns, PE, imagination and community BBQs in Perú

Carla arrived to take on the role of Project Manager again and will be working on the projects for the next year, and Patrick Regan, a volunteer in 2007, returned for 3 months in the role of Project Intern.

The volunteers have done a fantastic job at Maldonado this week, even though there have been workmen blowing up parts of the hill behind the school as part of the water works going on.

The parents at Triunfo held a Paradilla on Sunday, filling the community with the aroma of barbequed beef, potatoes and corn. Members of the community paid a few soles for a huge plate of food, the money will be given to the school to put towards building a wall alongside the toilets so as to improve the security of the school. GVI Phoenix will also put money towards the wall, though it is good to see the parents playing their part too.

Ivan, Anibal, Alfredo, Alexandra, Ruth, Julio and Pablo all did very well in an English exam in Maldonado! In Art they tested the children’s imaginations by giving them art materials and telling them to make what they wanted! It went brilliantly with the children being given the chance to use their minds and the space to for once do as they wish! They created models of aeroplanes, houses, and a model of the school itself (although the vols may have had a lot to do with that one!).

Sunday 15th June was Fathers Day so in honour of that Triunfo named Nigel the Daddy of the school and presented him with some Fathers Day cards and a bracelet, it was so sweet and certainly took Nigel by surprise!

The volunteers have given great English and PE lessons this week in Triunfo, with the verb “to have” being introduced to 3°, 4°, 5° & 6°, David lead the class with all the other vols working with small groups of children.

We also sadly had to say goodbye to Profe. Bryn & Srta. Saori this week, they have both done a fantastic job especially with 1° & 2° and working with the other vols to effectively plan lessons.


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects