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Thursday, June 19, 2008

GVI Phoenix Secondary School in Honduras

In February of this year, the new GVI Phoenix Secondary School began it's first school year in San Rafael and is now coming to the end of its second term.

Secondary school is prohibitive economically and for distances to have to travel to Copán, so by bringing the school to the community and paying for the teachers, GVI Phoenix and GVI Charitable Trust, is offering free secondary education - the community must give in return the willingness and availability of the children to take time from the fields to study.

There are 3 teachers paid by GVI Phoenix to come up to the community from Copán on a daily basis: Evelin, Lorena and Carolina (who also teaches in the Primary School) and 2 classes, both 7th grade, with a total of 21 students.

There are 5 girls and 16 boys with ages ranging from 13 to 23. As well as the 18 students from San Rafael, there are also 3 students from the nearby community of Barbasco: Nolvin, Wilmer and Hilda.

The community have been very supportive of the new Secondary School and are keen for their children to continue their education past 6th grade. The students study 10 subjects, including Physical Education, Music, English and Natural Sciences, in which they recently created their very own ecosystems.

The students have been making good progress with their studies and the volunteers help out teaching the English classes every Monday afternoon. In the next couple of weeks they will be studying for the next set of exams and we are hoping for excellent results.


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects