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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good progress in the school and the stoves in La Cruz #2, Nicaragua

Steve Elliot finished his first week as project manager with progress already being made, especially in the afternoon open classes with the older children.

He and Carla helped out with the local teacher in the school in the mornings, taking over 1st grade and working on syllables “ma-me-mi-mo-mu” and numbers 1-19.

The local teacher was busy giving the older kids exams on how to write letters and multiplication, which was later reinforced.

Rufus and Gabriel finished off two more stoves with some interesting mountaineering skills needed to reach one house, with all the materials having to be shifted by members of the community and a donkey. The final touches were done by torchlight on Friday as there is no electricity.

Moreover, Steve got a chance to get to know some of the kids, who seem extremely eager to learn, as well as other members of the community and glimpse into how life is in La Cruz #2.

The community is about an 8 minute bus ride from Estelí and around a 1.5 kilometer walk to the actual school. The families/houses are fairly spread out and depending on the amount of rain it can be a bit of a walk between houses. Most of the children work in the local garbage dump which is nearby, collecting scrap metal and any other reusable materials.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, however we all know it’s going to be a great project and we are all really excited and grateful to be out here starting up the first Nicaraguan project!


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects