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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nicaragua Volcano Charity Challenge - May 2011

In May, following the success of the Guatemala Volcano Challenge, we will be embarking on a similar epic trip in Nicaragua, to raise funds for our schools around Estelí. All donations will be hugely appreciated and will go towards a new school building in Chiriza, local teachers' salaries and food for the kids.

Day 1 - Transfer in support vehicle to the highway in the proximity of Volcano Telica (1035 metres). Here begins the two to three hour hike to the very active crater. After admiring the summit we begin to descend for two to three hours to the slopes of the extinct volcano Santa Clara (800 metres), then a two-hour hike to the summit and the ultimate descent will take around three hours to the prepared campsite. If time permits we can visit the boiling mud puddles. This hike is around ten to twelve hours.

Day 2 - At sunrise we start hiking to the summit of the extinct volcano Rota where we reach the natural water springs that once fuelled the old train station of which we look over. It takes approximately four hours to climb and descend this volcano. The hike continues for four to five hours to volcano Cerro Negro (724 metres) the youngest and most active volcano of the range. This is where we volcano board down the 600 meter slope (43 degrees). This hike is around eight to nine hours.

Day 3 - Upon sunrise we begin the eight to ten hours hike to the volcanoes of Las Pilas, El Hoyo and Asososca. Here we can see a perfect crater hole of El Hoyo and the two craters of volcano Las Pilas and Asososca. Our challenge is to swim in the pristine and unknown crater lagoon at the base of volcano Asososca.

Day 4
- Transfer by support vehicle from campsite to the base of volcano Momotombo. Approximately eight to ten hour hike to the crater of this impressive volcano that once destroyed the original site of the city of Leon. After this volcanic adventure we will transfer back to the commodities of Leon or Managua.

Good luck everyone and a huge thanks from the communities of La Thompson and Chiriza. Cheers


Karen Davies said...

I can't wait, - but oh my god I feel knackered already!!! Better get walking up some hills... :)

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