CONGRATULATIONS to all the Challengers on our first six Charity Challenges of 2011, biking from Guatemala to Honduras, the inaugural Nicaragua Volcano Challenge, Brazil's Chapada Diamantina Challenge , Guatemala's first Caribbean Kayak Challenge, Perú´s Cerani Pass and Ecuador's Volcano Challenge. Nicaragua's second volcano Challenge is set for 3rd-6th November and the third Guatemala Volcano Challenge dates are set for 27th November -2nd December.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brazil Challenge - Chapada Diamantina Trek

From the 18th – 20th June 2011 we will be taking on a 3 day trek and abseiling challenge through the Chapada Diamantina national park. The aim of the challenge is to raise vital funds for the GVI Phoenix Brazil school project in Salvador, Brazil. These funds will be used to provide much needed food, school materials and other essential items to help our students in the poverty stricken favela of Mata Escura.

18th June
- Having travelled to Lencois the day before, we will start the trek! We will leave early with our experienced guide Luan from local hiking and climbing tour operator Fora da Trilha. We will drive the first 8km to the start of the trail. We start the trek with a 1 hour hike on a steep incline, followed by 1 hour of much flatter terrain, taking us to the top of our first waterfall – Cahoeira do Capivari. Here the group will have 2 options; 1) abseil the 45m to the base of the waterfall (all ropes, equipment and instructors provided by Fora da Trilha), or 2) desend on foot to the natural pools at the base of the waterfall. Here we will all have the opportunity to take a dip! We will then continue the trek (flat terrain) following the river to our next waterfall – Cachoeira do Pocao. Here we will set up camp for the night and prepare our evening meal.

19th June - After a delicious breakfast we will begin our second day of hiking, following the river bed on a rocky trail that involves some scrambling from boulder to boulder. The trail will take us into one of Chapada’s deepest and most stunning ravines, with striking green moss covered walls, caves and deep pools, until we reach our third waterfall – Cachoeira do Mixila. Here we will stop for a swim and admire the incredible view of the canyon. We will trek back to camp for a snack, then move on to the top of Cachoeira do Capivari, our base for the second night.

20th June - After breakfast we will leave camp early and take the steep path up the Serra do Macaco. This path not only gives us great views of the Chapada, but also takes us to perhaps the most dramatic stage of our hike – the top of the Cachoeira da Fumaca waterfall – the highest in Brazil. Water drops an incredible 340m, turning into vapour clouds before it has chance to hit the pools at the base. We will stop here to take in the incredible view and take on some refreshments, before continuing for another 2 hours to Vale do Capao, a charming Chapada village, where we will meet our transport back to Lencois where we will have a final congratulations dinner before heading back to Salvador the following day.

All the best to everyone taking part, and those not, if you could sponsor us, especially Emma, it would be fantastic and every penny goes a long way! Cheers


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