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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dia de la Bandera in Ecuador

On 27 February, we celebrated “Dia de la Bandera” – a day of national pride in Ecuador for Ecuadorians to celebrate their flag and to reflect on past wars and fallen heroes, looking to the future and recognising academic achievements of students in seventh grade; the honour of carrying the flag is bestowed on the student with the best results ("Abanderado") and the next best results (“the Escoltas”) are called upon to assist the Abanderado with their duties.

The Larcacunga students, attending the event in Perugache, were represented by Jesus (Abanderado), Jefferson and Jhordhy (the Escoltas). At the event in Urqusiqui, Inti carried the flag for Muenala with Henry and Luis acting as Escoltas. Jose-Luis was the flag-bearer for Huayrapungo with Alex and Cecilia acting as the Escoltas.

Some of the mothers walked for miles to see their children take part in this very special day. Thanks to the Mums, school uniforms were freshly pressed and the children’s hair immaculately braided. Thanks to the teachers, the kids marched in time with military precision.

The formalities concluded with each Abanderado and Escolta kneeling before the Ecuadorian flag, kissing it and declaring a solemn oath. With the formalities concluded, the children and their families were able to sit down together for a well deserved traditional feast of soup, pork, potatoes and choclo.


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

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