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Sunday, May 3, 2009

La Thompson and the first four months - Nicaragua

When GVI Phoenix first arrived in La Thompson in the beginning of January 2009 we had around 10 students were giving classes from the house of a local community member. Since then, things have changed considerably.

One of the main reasons that GVI decided to work with La Thompson was because of the community members. It was the people of the community that helped erect the initial frame of the school, put up the plastic so that GVI had a temporary place to give classes...

...dig the latrine for the school and trenches throughout the community so that they were able to have running water for the first time, and as of this week many of the houses now have electricity.

There is a real sense of convergence and unity in La Thompson which GVI has witnessed firsthand within only 4 months of being there. It is very important in any project for the comunity to be involved.

For the first two months of the project GVI volunteers gave classes in an open area with covered by a wooden frame with corrugated metal roof. However, with the rainy season approaching there was a need for a raised floor and walls, hence, GVI decided that it was worthwhile to invest in the construction of a two classroom school.

First, a half metre floor was raised, followed by brick and concrete wall for the first two thirds and compacted drywall for the last third, followed by a colorful paintjob to brighten up the school.

It took longer than anticipated, the school turned out superb. For some of the kids it’s their first classroom full of school supplies and more importantly a place to hang up their work.

Furthermore they receive a fruit snack as well as a meal made up of rice, beans, tortillas, and a local wheat drink all cooked by the local members of the community.

Currently the entire school is run solely by GVI volunteers and Karla (a local community member who is now GVI staff). The preschool has been made officially recognized by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education and GVI is currently working for the primary school to be made official as well with the hope that a local Nicaraguan teacher will be able to help with classes.

In the meantime the GVI volunteers are doing an excellent job at providing classes and giving the kids of La Thompson a place to be kids.



How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

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