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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Challenge Dom Guatemala - the annual Phoenix fundraising event!

On 21st November, 2009, we will begin what will be the first of many annual GVI Phoenix Charity Challenges in Guatemala with the aim to get ex-volunteers and other adventurous souls back to Guatemala and climb four volcanos in a week to raise funds for our Phoenix projects' long-term development.

As all volunteers past and present know, you cover most of the fixed costs needed to run our projects here in Guatemala, though as we introduce more schemes, receive more children and continually push secondary school education, our funding requirements increase.

So, the Challenge, what is it? Basically, we will be climbing Acatenango, San Pedro, Tajumulco and Pacaya in a week, easy! We'll be doing it through Bike Matt at Old Town Outfitters and the fee for this is $750. On top, we are asking that participants raise at least $1,000, which will go to the GVI Charitable Trust (Charity Registration No 1111494) and every penny will come to us.

This money will then be put towards the scholarship programs for over 600 children now, both primary and secondary, food and fruit schemes, Plan Ancianos, Plan Fertilizante, tree schemes and others. On the Friday, before the BBQ and Manteca, we'll head out to the projects so you can see how things are progressing.

My plan is to then have Phoenix Charity Challenges in Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Perú, to be run each year aswell, from 2010, to raise funds for these projects aswell, mainly funding GVI Phoenix Secondary School programs. I thank you all in advance for participating!

For those who are interested, please see the following link for more information and the itinerary:

If you can't make it this year, there is always next year, though if you really want to help out, or sponsor me (!!), please see


Eric said...

would love a live feed web cam so we can see dom huffing it for the kids....this is great. cant wait till we can be a part of this in the future...eric stich

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