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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Inter-School Football competition in Ecuador

After the glitz and glamour of appointing a Queen of Football was over and the fair play pledges made, it began - the annual inter-school football competition. Three consecutive Fridays of pool matches - full of intricate passing manoeuvres, clever application of the offside trap and blood, sweat and tears...

...well, the last three anyway. Our 4 schools were proudly watched by volunteers as they tried valiantly to secure a place in the June finals.

Larcacunga made a fantastic start to their campaign, winning their first match and going on the following week to win another. Their star players Marcos, Jose Luis and Elver helped them to a further victory in the final week and to second place in their pool.

Lucila presented their medals to them again on the following Monday morning and talked of how their achievements are now written into the history of the community.

Huayrapungo, Urcusiqui and Muenala were all drawn in the same pool – some exciting matches were on the cards. Unfortunately, the Urcusiqui boys were unable to win any of their matches

The girls did win one – losing Rosita to injury in the final stages hurt their chances of winning more. The Urcusiqui boys still found time to have some fun!

Little Huayrapungo, with only 18 in the school, compared with the likes of Inguinchu with 200, faced an uphill struggle, but fought valiantly. Under the guidance of Coach Jaime, our driver, home stay Dad and now highly sought after professional football coach, the 7 kids of the Huayrapungo team never gave up.

Huayrapungo lost their first 4 games, and despite this disappointment, they heeded the advice from Jaime and pushed forward in the final two matches…and they won them both – it was fantastic to see their faces after the games….

All the players were stars, with the siblings Jose Luis and Willian working in tandem upfront to score their crucial goals.

And what of Muenala?……well, if there had been professional scouts at the tournament, they would surely have signed up Edgar to the big-time – he was everywhere, defending, attacking, playing a classic Gary Linneker role and poaching around the goal mouth. They did so well and won 5 of their 6 games – a spectacular effort.

Edgar was more than ably supported in enthusiasm and effort around the pitch by, amongst others, Lucille and Sisa, whilst Freddy commanded his goal.

Muenala came 3rd out of all the schools in their pool on goal difference and were awarded a trophy and medals. What a great day for Muenala…and how proud was Fanny as she accepted her medal, beaming widely all the time!

Despite Larcacunga getting a second place and Muenala a third place, they did not qualify for the finals...or did they?....there are now rumours of a draw to be held between the top teams who didn’t automatically qualify….so maybe we will have a school in the finals yet!!


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