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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mothers Day and Maldonado anniversary in Perú

Well we’ve had a right old time of it celebrating Mothers Day & the 12th anniversary of the Victor Maldonado school! All the Mum’s came to proudly watch their children get their groove on (again!), and we celebrated Mothers Day with a big lunch prepared by Angelica.

Competitions, including singing, have been held, with amazing renditions of the Titanic theme tune, Jeremiah was a bullfrog, rojo red & head shoulders knees & toes!); a knowledge competition that Alfredo, Magdalena & Yovana won; a poetry competition that Luis (“oh la luna!!”) & Soledad won; a writing competition that Maricruz & Juan José won; a Modern Dance competition that Anabel & Miguel won; and a drawing competition that Aníbal and Magdalena won.

We also had a huge night time torch parade around the whole community. The torches the children made (possibly with a little assistance!) were fantastic! Jonathan 3˚ had an amazing torch in the shape of a bus, and Virginia made a patriotic heart torch!

There was a lot of singing & chanting as we walked around with a lot of Mums & Dads joining us to celebrate the schools anniversary. There was then a huge party in the cancha, and every child participated in the dances. It was brilliant, Wendy has done such a great job of teaching the children new dances, and they love it!

We also officially named & presented the Brigadiers & School Police – Maricruz (Brigadier General aka The Boss!); Alfredo (Sub-Brigadier); Aníbal & Magdalena (Section Brigadiers); José 2˚, Yovana, Alex & Jaime (School Police). We presented them with their bands, and they swore their oath to serve the school.

At Triunfo we had a party that the Mum’s attended. Everyone participated, with Jordan from the Inicial reciting a poem for his Mum (so cute!). Along with the vols the Inicial showed off their English skills by singing “rojo red, rojo red, azul blue” etc.

Grades 1˚ & 2˚ performed poems & songs (with Billy & Phomolo’s help holding up a huge sign with all the words on). 3˚, 4˚, 5˚ & 6˚ all sang their hearts out for their Mum’s.

José 3˚, Dayana & Monica Yesica then put on a slightly odd dance, but highly entertaining (José was wrapped in red paper and wearing a pair of the Inicial’s tights!!!). There was a raffle for the Mum’s to win prizes and thanks to the art project the vols have been doing with all grades at both schools, every child had a gift to give their Mum’s on Mothers Day.

At Triunfo Marisol has also named her “Management Team” all from 5˚ & 6˚: Ruben (Brigadier General); Alberto (Sub-Brigadier); José Luis & Miguel (School Police); Monica, Silvia & Estéfany (Red Cross – the medical team); Alejandro, Moisés & Luis (Ecological Police – in charge of the cleanliness of the school & the garden!); Cecilia, Jerry & Marisol (Civil Defence – the earthquake team).



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