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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Itzapa progress in Guatemala

We have finally got all the exam results in from the National School that we pay for our children to attend, as well as our own school, and the results in language (Spanish), Maths and the Sciences are outstanding, with some in the top bracket of the country with high 90s and some 100s.

To think that none of these children would actually be able to go to school, let alone achieve the high marks they have done, is testament entirely to the volunteers and quantifies clearly their work each day. 60 and above is a pass.

Zunil have continued at a pace, with most now with knowledge of numbers, letters and basic addition. We have added in over 50 children in the past month, with many coming in here, and they are doing well with Jessica and Emma.

Fuego have been led strongly by Angela and now Casey, and the morning group, which now includes Amalia, Kelyn, Erick, Yeimy, Pedro and Wendy averaged in the high 80s, with Sandra and Iris in the mid-90s

In the afternoon, Yeison, Glenda and César shone, in another fine set of marks, all in the mid-80s. Floridalma, Laura's sister, has also returned.

Atitlán continues to move along slowly but surely, currently being taught by returning volunteer Brianna, having been excellently guided by Darlene. Alex leads the morning group with a string of 80s and for the first time, the averages almost exceed 60 accross the board.

The afternoon lot surprised on the upside, with a bunch of scores in the high 70s and 80s, including Nancy Fabiola, Gricelda and Yasmin, the latter excelling in the sciences.

Acatenango still surges ahead, the brain-hub of the whole school, with Laurel carrying on the excellent results from the kids! With the morning lot pulling in averages in the 90s, Maria Mercedes, Ana Veronica, Glendy, José Enrique and Sergio stand atop.

In the afternoon, the grades are equally impressive, with Juanita and Margarita, newly moved up and showing signs of real improvement. Rosmeri, Linsi, Delmi, Limny and Walter made sure the averages remained high.

Pacaya, led by Moli's return for the 5th time (!!), and Caitlin, are tackling 3rd grade well, with the morning lot, albeit small in comparison to the afternoon, averaging impressive 80s. Sucely and Gilda scoring in the 90s. We had to move the boy-genius Luis up to Tacana!

The afternoon group are now definately at two levels, though despite the gulf in results, the average was still in the mid-70s. Several kids, including Eric, Erikson, Yoselin Paola and David scored in the high 80s and 90s.

Despite being moved up from Pacaya, Luis still tops the class in Tacana, and being 2 grades lower, with a string of 100s. No surprises that Gisell and Glendy also scored in the 90s. Rufus has been running Tacana.

With Kathleen, o seño Katy, now in charge, the kids are moving on well. In the afternoon, the averages are lower, though still in the 70s, with Eduardo and Eric heading the crowd!

Finally Toliman, now running very well with Peter, produced some fine results in the infamously difficult 5th grade. Rufus had also been teaching them too and the averages for the morning are in the high 70s and 80s with Blanca Noemi and Reyna scoring in the high 90s.

The afternoon Toliman, which has grown in size to almost 30, was a mixed bag, though both Mayras did well. They have now started English classes twice a week, to prepare them for secondary school.

When most indigenous children can't actually go to school, and when they do, they only attend less than 2 years for failing the grades, these results quantify the excellent long-term work GVI Phoenix volunteers do in Guatemala.


Rebecca said...

Dom, this brought tears to my eyes! Congratulations to you, the children, the volunteers, and community! AH they are so gorgeous, those photos were a bit painful to see! Big big besos y abrazos to everyone!

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