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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Santa María update from Guatemala

It has been a great month with the kids and the volunteers in our teaching project in Santa María de Jesús in Guatemala.

Phoebe is having lots of fun in Clase 1 with Guicho, Carlos Manuel, Yuri, Lisa and Alex, using all her creativity and ideas for art - the kids love it.

It is the same in the afternoon, with Nayeli, Ana Gabriela, Angel and Aroldo, but a little more advanced with the vowels!

Thea is in the process of finishing the vowel U, in Clase 2 with Vilma, Gladys, Miguel Angel and Fernando. For ages, they couldn´t recognize it but finally they can and they can now write it very well.

The same in the afternoon Class with Brenda, Sergio and Sonia Maribel. Having topped the vowels, her new challenge is teaching them the numbers 1 to 10...we'll keep you posted!

Averi in Clase 3 with Edgar, Paola, Alex and the twins amongst the 20 kids in the morning and 15 in the afternoon, including Victor Hugo, Claudia, Miguel Angel and Blanca, she is teaching the alfabet and also is reinforcing their maths, which is really good for them.

Jessica in Clase 4 with amongst others, Josefina and Edwin and with the afternoon kids, including Rony and Micaela, is teaching Interrogative and Afirmative sentences and using her creativity to give very interesting classes, which is great!

And finally Irene in Clase 5 with the more advanced kids, including Adela and Wilmer and in the afternoon with Alex, Gloria Estefani (Effie) is teaching the sciences "El Intestino Delgado".

It is a fantastic group of volunteers in Santa María and we are looking ahead very positively for the rest of the year! As we pay for all the children to attend national school aswell, we get to see all their results from the first set of exams they have taken, and will let you know how they all got on!


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