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Monday, April 20, 2009

GVI Phoenix food program starts in Canacota, Perú

This past week has been a very busy and exciting time in our new community, Canacota, near to Chivay at 3600m. The community finished the repairs to the kitchen over the weekend and many of the parents showed up Monday morning to witness and help kick off the food program.

The event marked the first of what will be a daily, GVI Phoenix sponsored school-lunch, which provides a nutritious and filling meal for every child.

The moms have organized a schedule to share the daily cooking duties and the kids have been very happy with the delicious meals that were prepared this week.

Our three newest volunteers Aaron, Maya and Aviv have been working hard to develop working relationships with the local teachers by introducing them to the resources, manpower and innovative ideas GVI Phoenix can bring to their classrooms, laying the groundwork for future volunteers.

Aaron, working with Profesor Rogerlio and the fifth and sixth grade, has begun leading lessons in math. The students completed a unit on area, where they had the opportunity to be outside the classroom while they measured and calculated the areas of the geometric shapes painted on the playing field.

Aviv and Maya have introduced creative dance and song as a way of teaching different concepts to the first and second grade. Next week they will begin leading lessons on conjuntos in math and continuing to present creative art lessons that reinforce the concepts from other subjects. Both Rogerlio and Betty are very enthusiastic about the help and valuable recourses their new volunteers have introduced.

This past week also marked the beginning of our work with the younger children in the Jardin (kindergarden). Every Friday morning two volunteers will be spending about an hour working with these students, starting with Maya and Aviv.

They will be working with the students on an art project to help improve fine motor skills, while expanding their imaginations, skills that are commonly difficult to develop with limited resources.

Unfortunately Rodolfo and Pilar also had to say good-bye to their first volunteer teacher this week. Gill will be deeply missed, not only by her two students, but also by the other students in the school, the other volunteers and especially Rogerlio and Betty.

The community showed their gratitude for Gill’s hard work with a very nice despedida (farewell). The fifth and six grade prepared their classroom for the ceremony with drawings and cards, while the rest of the students prepared songs and poems to perform. We thank you for all the hard work, Gill, and wish you good luck on your next adventure in Arequipa.



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