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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GVI Phoenix food program starts and the school gets a floor in Nicaragua

This week the GVI Phoenix project in the community La Thompson, Nicaragua introduced a full food program within the school. We have been coordinating with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, who within the last week has officially recognized the GVI Phoenix preschool, and both parties have and will donate enough food for the entire school.

Before classes begin in mornings GVI Phoenix provides a fruit snack ranging from pineapple, to watermelon, to mangos, etc. Halfway through classes the kids are given a meal of rice, beans, tortillas and wheat drink.

Unfortunately many of the kids within the community are not able to receive adequate nutrition so it had been a great accomplishment to be able to provide food for the kids and the parents in the community have been extremely grateful.

Karla, who works with GVI Phoenix and is a member of the community, has been organizing the community members so that each day the parents or grandparents of two of the children within the school have volunteered to cook the food.

Furthermore, thanks to those GVI volunteers who have been building stoves within La Thompson, many of the parents have a place to cook.

The GVI Phoenix school now has a floor and walls, and it is pretty much looking like the finished article. Steve has done amazing job with this and we looking forward to get things moving along at pace in La Thompson over the coming months.



Anonymous said...

Impressive progress, I've only just left you. Are you having an opening party for the building? can i come, Neil

Anonymous said...

Of course you can Neil! You missed our first birthdays that we celebrated in the school a weeks ago, hopefully we’ll see you back soon, Thanks for all your help, Steve/GVI team.

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