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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Phase 1 of Plan Moo is complete in Ecuador

Thanks to the generous donations received to the GVI Charitable Trust, we have been able to complete Phase 1 of Plan Moo in our Huayrapungo community. So what does that mean?

Well, apart from the fact that, for the moment, the cow dodging days of the staff are over, more importantly it means that Cesar and Maria Rosita who are in their second year of High School can use the money they get for selling the milk from their cows or the cheese they make to buy supplies for school.

Elvia, Cecilia and Byron who are partway through their first year of High School can save their cow milk proceeds to buy books and utensils when they start their second year. Oscar and William who are in 7th grade at school can also save ready for starting school.

And a real good news story – due to this scheme, Orlando who couldn’t go to High School as he has no Mum and Dad and couldn’t afford to fund his schooling himself now has his own cow so when he starts weekend High School from January, he can gradually take over funding himself.

With all of these children, rather than continuing to ask for money from GVI to fund the necessities of High School, they now have the opportunity to take control and the families can take responsibility for the long-term funding of their children’s education.

Byron’s Dad, Señor Luis Moran the community ‘Jefe’ of Plan Moo, is delighted with the scheme – the community now sees a future where they can use the income from selling the milk, cheese and yoghurt to fund other enterprises like raising guinea pigs. They are also eager to teach the cheese and yoghurt making trades to children in the community to give the kids an additional skill.

And phase 2? Well that is working with the community to help ensure the ongoing health and happiness of the Huayrapungo Herd. Luckily, we have the growing expertise of Señor Luis Moran to guide us as he continues his veterinary studies – vaccinations, vitamins and various other cow-type needs are being looked after by the Plan Moo Jefe.

And looking forward? Well, potentially there will be baby cows to allocate to other families with children who want to start High School…and then we may need to get some more cows for families new to the scheme. Hopefully 2009 will be a good year for the Huayrapungo Herd!!


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects