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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Expanding into the Colca Valley region in Perú - getting very rural!

This week we went back to the Chivay region to start preparing for our new project next year. In Chivay itself the whole town was going crazy with 4 days of celebration of their patron saint, much dancing & drinking in the Plaza (not us of course!).

We went back to Canocota, a small town about 30mins from Chivay, and met with Rogerlio (Director & teacher of 4°, 5° & 6°) & Betty (teacher of 1°, 2° & 3°), both, as are we, are extremely excited about GVI Phoenix’s involvement with their school!

They really want each grade to have a teacher i.e. vols, whilst they oversee the grades, and for the first time ever the children will receive English lessons! They are also very keen on our stove project, our first would be at the school and thus supplying the children (27 at present) with a hot nutritious meal every day, which at present many lack.

We would employ one of the Mum’s of the children so as to keep it in the “family” so to speak. We would then look to roll out our stove project to the families of the children.

We’re meeting again in January to iron out the details, then in March off we go!!! We’ll also be arranging meetings with the parents and the community president, who according to Rogerlio is immensely happy with us moving into the community.

We also explored the area further visiting many communities to see if there is scope for further expansion of the GVI Phoenix family. An hour & a half from Chivay, in the middle of nowhere (literally!) we came across Ampi.

It is made up of just the school building, a small building next door where the teacher lives and a small church, there are small houses/huts spread across the area where families live.

Unfortunately the school was closed, but we gleamed from a boy herding llamas nearby that there are 4 students, but when the children leave the primary school after 6° they don’t receive any further schooling as there is no secondary school in the area!

Therefore it’s small, but has huge possibilities for making a serious difference in the lives of these children, so we’ll be returning to Ampi! Watch this space!
So in March GVI Phoenix will start working in Canocota, helping to improve the education, nutrition & health of these children, whilst building the school into a central community focal point to be proud of.

Please note, this project will only be available to long-term volunteers for Peru and 6 month+ combo volunteers, who should be accustomed to altitude!


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects