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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Second exam results in Itzapa, Guatemala, shows an upward trend - part 2

The morning lot in Acatenango continue to lay claim to their "brain-hub" status of the school, pushing the class average up even further, especially in the sciences and the maths, averaging 98. Paty Leticia, Sergio and José scored a string of 100s.

In the afternoon, Kieron is continuing the excellent work of Katarina, and the averages still look good. Rosmerí and Irma especially excelling, and Alba and Juanita improving well.

Tracey has taken over the role of leading Pacaya, from returning volunteer Bao and Monika, and is taking them to new levels. In the morning, Sucely and Gilda improving their science scores well.

In the afternoon, the monster that is 25 kids, averaged into the 70s, which is a great effort, bearing in mind the different levels in the class. Eric and Floricelda leading the way and Yoselyn astounding with 90s in the sciences.

Gustav has taken over from Patrick in Tacana. Over the past weeks, Sean and Sarah have set the tone for the class to move forward. Luis, rather obviously scored 100s in all subjects, with Gisell coming close. Sciences are the order of the day, and the results are looking good.

Maths is continuing to be the bain of their lives in the afternoon, though improvements are being made accross the board. Ingrid and Yesica scored well in the 80s.

Anna worked really well with Toliman, and recently Patrick has been giving them a hand. Grade five is tricky, though the results have been improving well; in the morning, the average rose 10% accross the board, with language and maths in the 80s. Mary, Sulma and Blanca setting the pace with a string of 90s.

Averages in the afternoon rose almost 5%, which is a fantastic effort. Wendy, Nereida and Elsa scoring in the 80s and Eddy Anthony improving his grades impressively. Tree planting recently was part of science!

These results continue to impress the point that GVI Phoenix volunteers' teaching is easily quantifiable, just by looking at these grades. It is their input in the classroom that allows the children to attain these grades, some of the highest in Guatemala.


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