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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun at Larcacunga, Ecuador

So, as promised by the last blog, we’re now bringing you news of Larcacunga’s fun week – a new creation which ensured Summer School 2009 went out with a bang, not a whimper!

Following eight weeks of structured academic classes (along with some more creative activities), we felt as though our kids had more than merited a couple of days of cutting, sticking, painting, drawing, weaving, running, kicking, eating and (generally) laughing.

We kicked off on the Monday by getting the children to draw, paint and then cut out and construct a scale(ish) model of one of the school buildings, complete with a painting of the view behind it to be displayed on the wall.

After carefully sketching the building, they then set about drawing up the final version, with Rosa María in particular showing outstanding attention to detail to produce some paintings of almost saleable quality!

With the model, complete with functioning door, safely constructed, Tuesday saw us move on to T-shirt painting. Each child was given a paint brush, a variety of colours, a white T-shirt and (most dangerously of all) free reign over how best to decorate their shirt. Luckily the risk paid off, and they each worked away furiously to create a T-shirt they could show real pride in.

They followed up this success by making a variety of brightly coloured pom-poms, and the whole fun week extravaganza was rounded off with a football match and some fruit salad, both of which went down tremendously.

It goes without saying that seeing the children in such a positive and creative mindset - particularly during the T-shirt painting - was a real treat, and we look ahead to the new school year hoping that the volunteers can help the kids tap into that same flare again as much as possible.

Next up?.....the Huayrapungo v Muenala football match!! Stay tuned!!


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