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Monday, September 14, 2009

Independence Day and Latrines in Nicaragua!

This month in Nicaragua (as well as other countries in Central America) is El Mes de la Patria which means that they will be celebrating their independence by remembering the signing of the Acta de Indepencia.

Like most Latin Americans, Nicaraguans are a very proud and patriotic people, hence in the GVI School in the community La Thompson the kids have been decorating the school, learning about their country´s history, national figures, typical foods in different parts of the country, as well as national dances and music.

Furthermore, GVI Phoenix is excited to mention that they have started building latrines in the school. Many of the kids are too small or live too far away from the school to go home when they need the bathroom so this will allow them more time in the school and a much closer option.

In a large part projects such as the latrines and additional classrooms are made possible by donations by previous volunteers or people who wish to contribute the project. GVI has an online charitable program where you can choose exactly where your donation goes.

Lastly GVI and the kids of La Thompson would like to thank all of the great volunteers who have passed through and really helped out over the last few months. Without you guys the project would not be what it is…Muchísimas gracias!


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