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Saturday, September 12, 2009

More quantative proof as exam results in Santa María, Guatemala, impress.

Finally we have the national school results from the local schools which we pay for our children to attend in Santa María when they are not with us and they are further proof of the validity and work of our volunteers.

The younger kids in Clase 1 were taught by Lisa for more than 7 weeks and she used all her creativity and experience to make it fun and enjoyable. Finally the kids are writing better than before with our “puntitos”; only little Evelyn and sometimes Santos need a little help on this.

In Clase 2 it is amazing to see how they have improved. They can read and write very well. Edgar, 12, deserves a special mention as he can now read and recognize all his numbers, he is working very hard right now with “sumas”.

Chino and Wendy finally finished with the vowels and now they are continuing to work very hard with the syllables. Thanks to Audrey, Rachel and now Alison, the Santa María Intern, who is currently taking this class.

Clase 3, the average of Maths is impressive, thanks to volunteers Hannah, Axel and Stella. María Lucía and Aura Marina scored highest in the morning with 95 points and the in the afternoon, Wilmer with 89 and Hector with 88, were top of the pile.

Brenda Gricelda with 100 points in Language, Vivian Marleny with 100 points in Maths and Sonia with 99 in Natural Sciences led the strong results in Clase 4!. Thank you Katharine for all your effort with these kids.

Clase 5, thanks to Colleen, the best note in the morning is Jason with 100 points in Social Studies and in the afternoon Aura Marina with 100 points in Maths. The other results all averaged very high.

We are very impressed with all the results of the children, and this is soley down to the volunteers on our Childcare Guatemala project, without whom, the children wouldn't even be at school or even get the education they receive from them, to be able to score so highly. A big thank you to all of you for all your working hard with these kids.

Now we are working on the next results and will publish them shortly.


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

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