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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Huayrapungo vs Muenala football - Ecuador

Thursday, the penultimate day of fun week 2009, saw a mass exodus from Huayrapungo to Muenala for a day of football, games and fruit salad. Proceedings began with the inter-school football match, with tensions running high ahead of what was a highly anticipated clash.

The noisy arrival of Huayrapungo´s team bus sparked widespread scenes of confusion (not least within the bus itself), and as the players/kids disembarked into the playground the atmosphere could have been cut with a knife.

Huayrapungo´s greater technical ability and work rate saw them race into a 5-1 lead midway through the second half. “Rocket” Robinson and Willian provided the firepower up front, with José Luis powering the midfield and Oscar proving almost impassable at the back.

However, following some minor consultations with Tracey (who was of the opinion that such a crushing defeat might have long lasting effects on the Muenala players´ morale) the Huayrapungo defense, consisting chiefly of intern program volunteers Nick and Gwilym, inexplicably capitulated, letting Muenala back into the match. Despite this, Huayrapungo held on for a memorable 6-4 victory.

Following the football, the “rivalry” between the two schools was renewed with a well-contested match of tug of war. A new concept to the kids, they took to it like ducks to water and, as a result, various volunteers had aching shoulders for days to come.

After four matches, the score was a respectable 2-2. The day, which had also been dotted with pom-pom making and colouring, was then brought to a close with the consumption of a wonderful fruit salad.

All in all a day well spent, and a great chance for the kids from both schools to interact with a new set of faces, which they did with friendliness and good humour.


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