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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Blimey, during November you couldn't move for stovebuilding volunteers here in our Guatemalan projects! In total 15 families in the communities in which we work are now in possession of spanking new stoves.

The 7 stoves that were built in San Andres Itzapa and 8 built in Santa María Jésus also meant that we acheived a new record in the number of stoves we have been able to build in one month.

At the beginning of the month all the stovebuilding focus was on Itzapa when we had a group of six volunteers arrive to build three stoves between them and another group of 4 volunteers arriving shortly afterwards to build another four stoves.

In order to achieve the tight building schedule we enlisted the help of GVI legend El Capitán, aka Alton, and took the unusual step of working through a weekend. But the families of Rosmeri, Eddy, Dania, Henry, Glendy, Nery, Hilda and Emna are now able to cook more efficiently and healthily thanks to the extra special efforts of these volunteers.

Then with the help of our volunteers Barbara, Deirdrie and Ricki we were able to built a further 8 stoves up in the Santa María community later in the month. And not forgetting the sterling work also put in by our local masons Alberto, Juan Carlos and Felix also!.

So the families of Héctor, Wendy, Bayron, pupils in the GVI schools, are now the proud owners of GVI built stoves, and it was particularly touching for Ricki to be able to build in the house of Ana Gabriella, whom she had spend the previous several weeks teaching in the school and who insisted on helping in the building process wherever possible.

So a backbreaking but also record breaking month for all involved, with many happy memories and interesting stories to take back home with them.
¡Muchisimas gracias a todos!


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The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects