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Sunday, November 2, 2008

GVI Phoenix second anniversary in Maldonado and Triunfo, Perú

We have celebrated our 2nd anniversary at both schools! For the week leading up to the actual day of celebration Triunfo ran competitions in drawing, poem writing (vowel recognition for the Inicial), reading, math & sport.

There were winners from each grade incl. the Inicial; therefore I’m afraid too many winners to list them all here. All the children did fantastically, Julia (6°) wrote a poem and read it out, about the school in Spanish & Quechua!

We also did a night-time parade with all the children and parents around the Triunfo community with torches so as to promote the anniversary. It was great and some of the torches the children made were awesome.

Jhon made a huge crocodile; Alberto a huge dragon; and Elias made a replica of the school; although a few a little dangerous, with Nancy setting hers on fire within minutes!

Then on the day of celebration both schools put on fantastic dances in traditional clothing, the Inicial sang the colour song (“rojo red, rojo red etc”) really showing just how much they love music and dancing.

The vols at Triunfo got talked into putting on a dance also, to “Rock around the clock”, good fun, the children and parents thought it was hilarious!

There were speeches, cake, food, toasts and basically a lot of pride and fun! Here’s to many more anniversaries at Triunfo & Maldonado!

In the last few weeks we’ve celebrated Alan’s, the project Intern, birthday with the customary egging!

We’ve also continued to take Triunfo 5° & 6° for swimming lessons, with certain vols braving the freezing water! The boys are pretty confident in the water, so we’re focusing on their swimming technique. With the girls though the first step is to build their confidence, which is going fantastically.

The vols at Triunfo have also started grading & keeping notes on the children in each English, Art & PE lesson, so as to build up a week by week history, which will really help the teachers when they come to fill in the childrens Librettos (report cards).

The vols have been endeavouring to teach 1° & 2° the clock & time telling (easier said than done!). They incorporated an arts lesson where the children made their own clocks, which can then be used in tarea for telling the time practise.

Alex in 1° has been receiving some much one on one teaching attention with the basics, so as to bring him up to speed with the others. Nina’s been working with him; trying to keep his attention by changing tactics regularly e.g. counting the no. of flowers in the garden.

Art has been incorporating dance again, with the vols getting jiggy with grades 5° & 6°! The kids love it, and it’s highly amusing for the rest of us to watch!

There’s been a lot of hard work recently to improve the support vols can provide at Maldonado, mainly related to receiving accurate weekly subject themes from the teacher. All of this will enable the vols to support the teachers better and provide the children with better lessons.

The Ministry of Education are in the process of having all schools possessing a name other than just the name of the town/community they are based. Therefore, at the teachers' and comunities' request, Triunfo has now officially changed its name to Colegio Dominic Williams!

Maldonado are in the process of changing its name to Colegio Doreen Cabrera de Williams! Therefore both schools will be named after our Project Directors Dom & Doreen, there’s just no escaping the pair of them!!!



Chris Stone said...

So good to see loads of pics of Triunfo! Can't wait to get back!

Bryn said...

Thank you for continuing the blogs it is great to see progress. Nice to see the big clocks being used! Bryn and Saori Parry

Bryn Parry said...

Thank you for doing the reports. It is great to see progress. Nice to see the big clock being used! Bryn and Saori Parry

liz said...

love the blog, Carla. Keep it coming. Am enjoying reading and keeping up-to-date on Maldonado.

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