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Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Sachaca Olympics - Perú

The time has come for the Sachaca Olympics and there has been some serious training leading up to them; the pressure was on, the adrenalin levels were at melting point, and that was just the volunteers!

The opening ceremony was held 12th Sept, we went with both schools and paraded around the track at the Sachaca Stadium. The Inicial Olympics were held 12th Sept.

Unfortunately Chiriguana were unable to compete as most of the children had to go and collect their official ID documentation on that day, but Triunfo did take part and did us proud!

Gabriel came 2nd in the boys 50m sprint, and the football team got to the finals (after a tense penalty shoot out – Alonso scored and saved a penalty!) but unfortunately lost 4-0, but had a great time!!

Art this week has also focused on the Olympics, with the kids making medals to wear, signs to hold and pom poms to shake!

Triunfo also made up a song to support their team mates (to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”) – “Nosotros somos Triunfo, Triunfo; Nosotros somos Triunfo, Triunfo; Vamos a ganar un premio; Nosotros somos Triunfo, Triunfo!!!”

We celebrated Edyluz’s (our GVI Phoenix Peruvian teacher) birthday this week in Maldonado tradition….egging! A lot of the kids bought in presents for her, as they all love Edyluz as she’s a great and caring teacher.

Then came the Primary school Olympics on 19th Sept! The atmosphere was tense (especially when Triunfo & Maldonado were up against each other in the races!!), and we all came away very hoarse from supporting the kids!

It was such a great day! Both schools and all pupils went in order to support their colleagues. There were new age rules this year in order to stop (or at least minimise) teachers cheating by putting older kids in younger races (hmm, who could possibly do such a thing!?!).

A lot of the kids participated (watching Denilson & Rául race was heart warming & hilarious!!), some of the highlights were: Arnaldo (Maldonado) came 1st in the boys 100m sprint;

Ivan (6°Maldonado) came 4th in the 14yr old 100m race, which was extremely tough competition!; Ruth (6° Maldonado) & Erika (6° Triunfo) tied in 2nd place in the girls 100m sprint (you can imagine the tension!);

Dayana & Abraham (2° Triunfo) both won their 50m races; the boys Triunfo relay team came 4th; and the Triunfo girls relay team won the 8x50m race!

Julia, Yreny, Estefany, Betzabeth, Nancy, Celia, Gabriela & Erika literally flew around the track! They all got presented with a medal at the end for doing so well.

The last couple of weeks have seen the vols take over the tarea (homework) sessions at both schools, so that we can re-enforce the basics in maths & reading comprehension so that the children will get so much more out of it, enabling them to truly grasp the basics which will of course help them in their lessons with the teachers during the mornings.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Patrick our Intern of 3 months, we wish him all the best at Uni back in Wales. He was sent off with the traditional soaking at both schools (at Triunfo this lead to all of the vols & kids drenched also!).

Next week are the Football Olympics so watch this space....hopefully it doesn’t involve Triunfo & Maldonado playing each other.


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