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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The month of wind and boardgames for education in Perú

As the month of wind started to come to an end, Maldonado headed out into the Chakras to show off their expertise at kite making & flying!! Some of them flew so high you could barely see them!

Fenando had a few technical issues, but we’re convinced he did have a plan as to his kite making!?! We awarded 6 prizes to those who made the best kites and flew them the longest and highest.

The winners (in no particular order) were Aníbal, Ivan, Nancy, Julio, Anabel & Jonathan (2°) (Jonathan literally made a kite out of a piece of paper and string 5 mins before the competition and it flew!).

The volunteers have been doing a great job getting the kids using their imaginations. At Maldonado grades 4°, 5° & 6° have been working on their creative writing, getting the kids to structure their stories and really come up with fantastic new ideas – they used a dice to choose options/themes and brainstorming.

At both Maldonado & Triunfo board games have been implemented to aid the kids learning. As part of their art lessons at Maldonado the kids had to actually create the games, we had an aquatic; castle, Halloween and sports themes.

The kids had to decide what pictures best went with their themes and what the aim of the game was e.g. rescue the princess from the castle; avoid the evil octopus etc. Then make the game! It was brilliant, the kids loved it and it really helped them open up their minds.

The vols have certainly been putting their heart & soul into their lesson planning, the improvements & fun the kids are having is the true answer of if their lessons are working!

The Triunfo maintenance is almost complete – we have the sink in the kitchen, all rooms painted, all furniture looks like new; another tap near the garden; lights in the toilets; lights & electricity in all classrooms; all windows repaired; climbing frame & swings being fitted & the playground receiving a new surface!

We celebrated the birthdays of August at the end of the month. At Maldonado - Biancia, Aníbal, Ruth (6°) & Denilson, and Nayeli at the Inicial. At Triunfo – Marisol, Elver, Celia, Luz Clara, and Eduardo & Juan David at the Inicial. As always there were a lot of heads in cakes, presents (story books, rucksacks, pens & pencils, shoes & clothes). It was great fun!

We also celebrated Patrick’s (one of our interns who sadly leaves this week)birthday, poor old Patches (as we like to call him) got egged at both schools!!

We’ve also furthered our health scheme and have issued out glasses to the kids who require them (41 across both schools), some of the kids eye sight is so poor (due to lack of lighting at home, poor nutrition, and the sun and dust) the strength of their glasses makes us feel ill if we look through them!

They’re taking care of them and it’s really making a difference to their lives....they can see!!! Alexander (3° Triunfo), can actually now see the board and is now working!!!

We were also visited by Dom & Doreen! It was great having them here, and we managed to convince the teachers not to throw a huge party at each school, in order for them to see the schools working.

It was great, the vols got on with what they do best, and it really showed how well the schools work and the difference the vols are making. Of course their visit wouldn’t have been complete without a football match (training for the Olympics), a BBQ (with Armando wielding the knife!) & a visit to La Cecilias!!



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