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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Santa María de Jesús update in Guatemala

It has been a great summer in Santa María, with excellent volunteers all working hard and bringing the children's level of education yet higher.

In Mariano, Adam, from England, has been teaching Clase 1 with Miguel Angel, Brenda, Wendy et al!. He has introduced an innovative game for them with the vowels, numbers and symbols, which they love.

Rachel and John, a couple from the US, are teaching Clase 2, which includes Daysi, Rosalinda, Edwin, Alex, where they have introduced the letter "P" and the relavent syllables plus addition with the symbols "+" and "=".

In the afternoon class, with Cristina, Elvia, William and Sergio, they have been giving lessons on the environment, which the kids are really interested in!

Caroline, from the US, is in charge of Clase 3, with Leona, Adela, Carlitos etc in the morning and Marvin, Alex, Effie and Wendy in the afternoon. She has been concentrating on reading comprehension and maths.

In Victoria Project, Ferdinand from Germany, is teaching Clase 1 in the morning ( Azucena, Claudia and César etc) and Daniela, Ronaldo and Fredy in the afternoon, reviewing the letter "P" and its syllables and moving onto letter "S", plus basic addition!

Kat and Anais, both from the US, are teaching Clase 2 with among others, Amadeo, Brenda and Gladys and afternoon with Erika, Lidia, Wilmar and Pepish where they have been concentrating on letter "Q" de "Queso", using newspapers and getting the kids to find the syllables with "Q"!

And finally Sharon, from the UK, who was with us for the 3rd time and can be seen on the Santa María documentary, took Clase 3 in the morning with Edgar, Victor Hugo, Alex, Josefina and Bechi and introduced them to Art, her speciality!

To end this entry, we thought we would put in a picture of the volunteers hard at work at lunchtime....lesson planning!

We have taken in new kids in the past couple of weeks, and will be concentrating on them in the next blog entry!


How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects