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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New kids and baseball in Nicaragua

La Cruz 2 saw some new young faces this week as we welcomed 4 new students. Jelyke, Abel Antoneil, Rosita and Elizebeth are brothers and sisters and it’s been a pleasure having them in the school this week.

Rosita, 4 and Elizebeth, 6 are both in Preschool, and their older brother and sister Abel Antoniel, 12 and Jelyke, 14 and are in first grade.

They live with their father in La Cruz and had to stop attending classes early this year, however with more teachers in school now with GVI Phoenix volunteers they are now able to continue studying.

We also celebrated our first sports class this Friday. Baseball is Nicaragua’s most popular sport so bearing this in mind we fashioned together a few bases just outside the school, brought up a bat and played a few innings with the kids from the school.

We’ve also been working on improving the food program at La Cruz, trying to encourage the families to participate more and the children to help with the cleaning.

Each day the mothers of the community take turns cooking the rice and tortillas, however, unfortunately there are some days when the food isn’t made so GVI has been trying to promote the importance of this to the community.

On a brighter note to go along with our first sports day we gave out apples for the first time which was a bit of a treat for the community, and was actually a first for some of the kids.



Swati from New Orleans said...

Wow! Dom, you are so right on the mark - community involvement is key to your success and to implementing the change. Believe it or not, this is a concept they teach in public health courses!!!

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