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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New community opens in Nicaragua

Around two months ago Steve, GVI Phoenix's project manager in Nicaragua, became aware of a community on the outskirts of Estelí called La Thompson.

With further investigation within the community GVI Phoenix realized the unfortunately high level of poverty and lack of resources within the community.

Approximately 600 families live in La Thompson, many of the houses are made from wood and plastic sheets with no electricity and difficult access to water. Unemployment is high and those who can find work usually do so in the tobacco fields or factories.

With this in mind, Steve began talks with La Thompson to see how the community felt about working with GVI, and later, with Dom, held community meetings, talking with members of the community.

Despite the economic hardships and poverty-stricken conditions Steve discovered an overwhelming sense of unity and will to come to together as a community.

Hence as of two weeks ago GVI has been working with La Thompson, and thus far it has been an amazing experience.

A piece of land has been donated for a school and with efforts from GVI and the community we are currently constructing rooms to give classes, buying tables and chairs and utensils.

GVI volunteers Noah and Marian, and intern Martyn, counted only a handful of kids the first day they gave classes and only two weeks later they have almost 50 kids coming to school.

Where there was merely a patch of grass there are now two large rooms to give classes, where Larry, another volunteer, has taken up residency.

And, under the guidance of Rufus, thanks to the volunteers making stoves, Matt, Lalita and Kate from the 6 month combo, and Eva, four families now have stoves as well as one in the new school.

None of this could have been possible without the determination and unity in the community and GVI is extremely excited be working in La Thompson.



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