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Sunday, January 25, 2009

6th Grade Graduation in Perú

At the end of the year we held our very first graduation at both Maldonado & Triunfo, to honour the success of our 6th graders who have achieved so much and will now be moving on to secondary school with our continued support.

Triunfo held theirs at the school one evening, those graduating – Celia, Jorge, Juila, Erika, Yreny, Jhon Hubert, Betzabeth, Gabriela, Yeni, Elver and Nancy all arrived in gorgeous dresses and suits, mostly borrowed; they looked amazing!

Silvia also attended but she will be repeating the 6th year, as she only moved down from the sierra around August, where her schooling was in Quechua and lacking, therefore needs further schooling and one-on-one prior to going on to secondary school.

The children then had to say what they wanted to do when they were older, this brought a tear to our eyes as it was brilliant to hear: Celia wants to be a nurse; Julia, Erika and Silvia doctors, Yreny & Betzabeth singers; Jhon Hubert a police officer; Gabriela an international chef; Yeni, Jorge & Elver lawyers and Nancy a civil engineer!

Alan, Dorothy & Carla were the padrino & madrinos of the graduation, and therefore had the gratifying task of presenting the children (or young ladies & gentlemen as I should say, especially in their outfits) with their diplomas. There was much smiling, laughter, hugging & of course dancing!

Maldonado held their graduation in a building in Alto Amados (on the way to Triunfo). Those graduating – Jose, Ruth, Juilo, Soledad, Ivan, Pablo and Elizabeth all arrived looking absolutely stunning!

A lot of parents and family attended, as did the Mayor of Sachaca. Marcos, a volunteer from earlier in 2008, very kindly returned to be the Padrino of the graduation.

All the children/young ladies & gentlemen were presented with their diplomas and a graduation gift. There was then a great meal cooked by some of the parents, and then the dancing got underway! An absolutely brilliant evening!

Both graduations were so amazing, as all of our children will be moving on to secondary school to continue their studies. A few years ago this would not have been an option for some, but they, and their families, now clearly see the benefits of secondary education; have reached the level in order to go on to secondary school, and with GVI Phoenix’s support are able to afford to continue their studies.

GVI Phoenix purchases all the utiles/materials that each child must have in order to attend secondary school each year, e.g. books, cuadernos, writing materials etc. At secondary school this is a very long list! Therefore those children now going in to the 2nd year of senconday – Hernan, Magaly, Gladis, Roxana, Lorena and Yhony we will also supply their materials.

We are so proud of all our children and what they have achieved, they and us, thank all the volunteers that have played a part in them reaching this stage and continuing their studies.


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