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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Teaching adults in Nicaragua

Three weeks ago GVI Phoenix started giving classes in the afternoon to adults within the Nicaraguan community called La Thompson. Twice a week they have been offering English classes as well as adult literacy classes.

Despite an extensive plan by the government in the 80’s to give adult literacy classes Nicaragua still has a strikingly high number of illiterate adults.

Unfortunately many adults in the community work long hours and unable to receive classes during the day, however last week we had our first student. Juliana is a single mother with 12 children who works long hours rolling cigars in a tobacco factory in the nearby town of Estelí.

Despite the hardships she faces in her daily life she has decided to continue her education with GVI. Juliana never finished the first grade and although she´s fifty two years old she still realizes the importance of being able to read and write.

For those people that are literate, GVI has been offering English classes. The first class GVI had three people show up, three weeks later there were twenty. The majority of the students are Mom´s from the community and besides learning English it gives them an opportunity to get out of the house and socialize a few hours a week.


Bygningsentreprise said...

Those are the fruits of your perseverance and and being industrious. Giving time, effort and sacrifice is your the best investment and the final output is success and happiness of your being helpful.

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