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Monday, June 6, 2011

Route of The Condor Challenge - Peru

Between 25th-29th July, The Phoenix Peru team will be taking on one of the most daring and exciting charity challenges ever put to together (!!), to raise lots of money for the Peru Projects, while having great fun at the same time. The Challenge will be 5 days hiking the "Route of the Condor", which will take in the deepest canyon in the world and going up to the mountain pass of "Serania", 5,200 metres in altitude.

Day 1 - Cruz del Condor
The first day will start off with travelling from Arequipa to the Colca Caynon region, one of the most beautiful areas in Peru. On the way, we'll get the chance to have breakfast in the lovely town of Chivay, stop at the Cruz del Condor to watch these amazing endangered birds sail on the thermals and then the great hiking adventure begins, 3 hours to start with to get us acclimatised.

Day 2 - The Serenia Pass
On the second day it is time to start walking in a very "upward" direction. Today is the most challenging as we will be walking for around 7 hours, though all this effort will not be in vain, as this is when will reach the highest point on the challenge - "The Serenia Pass". After enjoying the views from 5200 metres, we can also enjoy the last hour of the walk which of course is downhill, to the campsite.

Day 3 - Chachas

After a filling breakfast and a good rest, we will be ready to take the 6 hour walk to the small town of Chacas. The towns we pass and visit along the way are very small, simple and isolated, and are a great way to see the rural way of life for so many Peruvians. Wild llamas and alpacas roaming freely in this high mountainous region are common!.

Day 4 - The Valley of the Volcanoes
The 4th day brings another good 6 hour hike, though now we will be in the region of Anadahua, The Valley of the Volcanoes. This area is populated with literally hundreds of small volcanoes, making it a truly magical place to walk through.

Day 5 - Homeward Bound
The last leg of the journey. After breakfast we hope to find time to visit the amazing petroglyphs in Todo Muerto, before making the homeward journey back to Arequipa, feeling very satisfied with ourselves and I would imagine a little bit tired - Arequipeñas await!.

Good luck to all the Challengers and funds raised will go towards High School Scholarships, Food & Education Program in Primary Schools and the Peru Emergency Fund.


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