CONGRATULATIONS to all the Challengers on our first six Charity Challenges of 2011, biking from Guatemala to Honduras, the inaugural Nicaragua Volcano Challenge, Brazil's Chapada Diamantina Challenge , Guatemala's first Caribbean Kayak Challenge, Perú´s Cerani Pass and Ecuador's Volcano Challenge. Nicaragua's second volcano Challenge is set for 3rd-6th November and the third Guatemala Volcano Challenge dates are set for 27th November -2nd December.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Otavaleñan 3 Peak Charity Challenge - Ecuador

Between 19th-22nd August, the volunteer team in Ecuador plan to take part in a 3 Peak Challenge to raise funds for our project here in the lake district of South America, Otavalo, Imbabura. The plan is to summit the 3 volcanoes we see each day up at school and that surround Otavalo: Fuya Fuya (4,290m); Imbabura (4,557) and Cotacachi (4,944m). We will also take in the wonderful crater lake of Laguna Cuicocha. The challenge - to do this in 4 days!

Day 1 - Laguna de Cuicocha
A chance to prepare for the altitude and the 3 volcanoes. The team will be enjoying the crater lake of Laguna Cuichocha. At 3,068m the lagoon created over a thousand years ago is at the foot of Cotacachi; the round trip will take about 4.5 hours and we will pass by several different ecosystems and enjoy more views out over Imbabura and Otavalo!

Day 2 - Fuya Fuya
The team will set out early and head up to Lago Mojando where they will begin the ascent of Fuya Fuya. At 4,290m Fuya Fuya overlooks Lago Mojando (a series of 3 crater lakes). Often covered in cloud (its Kichwa name is Cloud, Cloud) this extinct volcano, with its steep climb, will provide the perfect acclimatization and warm up for the team.

Day 3 - Volcán Imbabura
Heading out at dawn the team will make their way up to national park entrance where they will begin the 5 hour ascent of Imbabura. We will be climbing up the east face of the exploded crater and will be up among high grass páramo and in the last 100m face some rocky outcrops to reach the summit at 4,557m. If the clouds are high the team will be rewarded with a fantastic view of Ibarra, Otavalo and of their objective for the 4th and final day - Cotacachi!

Day 4 - Volcán Cotacachi
The final and most challenging of climbs (especially after the previous days) is that of Cotacachi - the 11th highest peak in Ecuador (4,944m). We will again set out at dawn and get ahead of the sunshine in the 5 hours ascent. The last 100 or so metres will require a rock climb and ropes and harnesses will be provided for those that wish to attempt the summit.

Good luck to all the Challengers and funds raised will do towards high school education, a new kitchen in Huayrapungo, Plan Cuy 2 and an emergency fund.


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