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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Second exam results in Itzapa, Guatemala, shows an upward trend - part I

To further quantify the benefits of the roles of the teaching volunteers in Itzapa, the second set of exam results from the national school, where we pay for the children to go, were generally even better than the first - annual intern Moli will be happy!.

Zunil has been excellently taught by Esther, Stan and Claire with the morning lot coming on really strongly, getting to grips with the letters and the numbers.

The afternoon is following a similar pattern, and the hard work from these past several weeks is really showing benefits. In the following weeks, we will be starting teacher-training with the kids from Tolimán, working with Zunil.

Fuego (1st Grade), very well led by Julie and now with Shelley and Kajal, are bounding from strength to strength, with the children we moved up from Zunil taking to the harder level with ease. Across the board, the exam averages were higher, nudging the 90's with Yeimy Marisol and José Gerardo in the high 90's.

In the afternoon, Yeison and César topped the charts with 80's and 90's, with the overall class average a little lower in sciences, though still very impressive.

Paul, from Austria, took over from Brianna in Atitlán (2nd grade) and has done exceptionally well with them, concentrating on maths and language and in the morning, even Gilmer's exams have improved, with Isaias and Jania scoring 80's.

In the afternoon, Glenda Izabel, José Andrés and William topped the classes in the exams with 80's and 90's as the class averaged in the high 70's, 5% higher than the last exams. Jonathon takes over next week. I will publish the other classes results shortly, though it has been a tremendous effort by the volunteers these past weeks, and the fruits of their labour are plain for everyone to see.


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