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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Perú returns and Día del Campo

Finally, after all schools in Perú were closed for precautions for a month over swine flu, we are now up and running again. This Friday “Dia del Campo” was celebrated at Maldonado.

The day was lead by dance teacher Wendy and 14 year old, 6th grader Maricruz, who has an amazing knowledge of the local area and the crops grown. 18 children, Wendy and GVI’s Sophie, Lucy, Janet and Rosanne left the school at 8.45am to embark on a day in the campo to explore!

We passed many land plots containing a wide variety of different plants, including broad beans, peas, garlic, onions, lettuce, cabbage, and brocoli, Maricruz explaining along the way what each plant was, how long it takes to grow and at what time of year it is harvested.

We were able to visit a local enclosed garden, run by two older ladies, who were very welcoming, showed us around and told us about the flowers and fruits they have growing, including Tumbo (a type of passion fruit), which we all got to sample, very nice!

Stopping along the way for water and play breaks the children were really enjoying themselves, time out of the classroom in the fresh air, but still learning!

Our final destination of the day was a lovely flower plot, with many different species, here we drew pictures and wrote about the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables we had been learning about all day.

Then we made our way back to school for lunch. It was a lovely day, with lots of fun had and lots learnt about the local area, for us as well as the children. Thanks Maricruz!



Michael Parrish said...

I miss Peru so much. I hope everything is still going well. Hearing about the kids and the performances they put on every so often brings back good memories. Thanks for keeping up the blog.

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