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Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 Water-tanks connected in 2 weeks in Perú

We are so thrilled to announce that 3 water tanks have been successfully connected to the water system, all in the last 2 weeks!! The 2 tanks that the Whole Foods volunteers built in the community of Alta Chiriguana are now connected to the main water system, which means that over a hundred people will now have access to water all day everyday. Before, the community members had minimal water access, as it was only available for a few hours a day. Now, during those same hours when the government provides them with water, our new tanks will get filled so that they can enjoy water throughout the day. I am also so pleased to be able to say that the tank at Triunfo is now filled with water as well! Numerous volunteers have put their heart and souls into building the water tank for the school at Triunfo.

All the teachers, all the 52 students, and the volunteers were so happy to see water pouring out of the faucets outside of the 7-9am time frame we had before for water. Water is now also flowing through the pipes into the kitchen, which means that we can actually wash the dishes in the sink! Now, instead of rushing in the morning to fill up as many buckets as possible before 9am strikes, we can be with the kids and begin lessons immediately upon arrival at Triunfo. Pictures had not yet been posted of the finished tank at Triunfo so here it is! I want to say a huge thank you to all of the tanking volunteers who have put their hardest work into these 3 tanks and have given a truly priceless gift to so many people. Water is such a simple resource and the tanks you have helped build are going to make the biggest difference possible to their lives. Thank you.


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