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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Exam results in Santa María, Guatemala, continue on the upside

We managed to get the national exam results from the kids in Santa María a lot quicker this time, and they are incredible, down to the amazing effort of the volunteers. The kids mostly averaged in the high 80's with many in the 90's.

Michelle is working very hard with the little kids and finally they have learned the vowels, plus the numbers 1 to 10. Now she is starting on the syllables starting with the letter M, Well done!

Intern Alison is doing a great work as well with Clase 2, who can now read and write and are nowmoving onto subtraction.

In Clase 3 the kids got amazing results, thanks to volunteer Daniel! María Lucía in the morning has the best marks in this class with 100 points in the four principal subjects: Maths, Language, Natural Sciences and Social Studies. In the afternoon, Jessica Carolina scored 99 points in Maths an Language!.

In Clase 4, Nina from Sweden is using all her ideas and creativity for Natural Sciences; this last week she give a class of “seeds and the flowers” and the kids learned how to grow onions, perejil, tomate, etc…

Amadeo scored the best in sciences with 98 in the morning and the afternoon, Sonia Leticia and Vivian Marleny both got 95. Also a big thanks to Matthew for the excellent class of Multiplication!

In Clase 5, Diopoldo (Chino) earned the best note in Social Studies with 97 and Language with 99. In the afternoon, Henry Joel shone with 85 in Social Studies and Language 89. The final exams are coming up, so we will keep you posted.



How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

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