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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ecuador - Secondary School scholarships and our kids work in the Royal College of Art in London

Thanks to scholarships from volunteer project contributions and the GVI Charitable Trust we have been enrolling almost all of the 7th grade children across out communities in Colegio (secondary education)

Amanda, Amando, Alex, Juan Carlos and Lisa from Larcacunga, Cecilia, Elvia, Byron, and hopefully Orlando from Huayrapungo and Christian, Josephina, Jenny, Aida, Lita, Sisa, Blanca and Dario from Urcusiqui will join...

...Patricio, Caesar, Rosa, Jairo, Amando and David who continue from last year.
The idea of continued education has been a real change in mindset in the communities, and we have done a great job convincing the parents of the importance of education and really getting the kids excited and geared up to go to school next year instead of going to work in the fields.

Our kids` paintings were on display at an art exhibition in the Royal College of Art in London, and was a huge success. It was great for the children to have their work displayed in such a prestigious event and being seen by tens of thousands of high school students and their parents.

In the Otavalo Art Competition, Jefferson from Larcacunga came second out of a huge turnout, in what turned out to be a highly controversial final!

Gita Pfluger also joined us as an intern, having worked on our Volunteer in Perú program and heads up Urcusiqui. (PHOTO OF GITA)
She joins Pat and Kat, our long-term interns who head up Larcacunga and Huayrapungo respectively.



How does GVI Phoenix make a difference?

The following film was made in Guatemala, though the message is the same across all GVI Phoenix projects